Building the Seattle Monorail

An Important Message from Team Monorail

On August 5, 2004, Team Monorail submitted a letter to SMP outlining a Path Forward that would enable Team Monorail to submit its proposal and thereby provide SMP with a true competitive procurement for the DBOM contractor. Unfortunately, that recommended Path Forward was not adopted and Team Monorail was unable to submit our proposal.

We are aware that there has been some recent speculation in the local press and rachat de credit on the web about the reasons for this, as well the technical issues associated with the Bombardier vehicles operating in Las Vegas. Team Monorail would like to clear the air on any such speculation and lay to rest any lingering doubts that may exist in the Seattle community, and to suggest a path forward in the event SMP would still welcome receiving our proposal in the interest of having a competitive procurement.

First, the August 5th letter was written several weeks before drive train problems caused the Las Vegas Monorail operation to be suspended. There was absolutely no connection between the Team's decision not to submit its Seattle proposal and the vehicle problems in Las Vegas, which at the time of this posting have been resolved. The system has completed final testing, successfully reopened December 24th and is carrying significant ridership. Moreover, as outlined in the enclosed summary of our proposal, the vehicle and drive train design for Seattle is based upon a completely different bogie and drive train design - such that continued parallels between the two vehicle designs would not be applicable.

Second, on January 14th, we submitted a follow-up letter accompanied by two attachments, the first being a non-proprietary Executive Summary of the proposal that Team Monorail would submit, entitled "Seattle Monorail, Our Vision," the second being a paper that outlines how Team Monorail proposes to assure the SMP that all project scope responsibility is covered by not only the bonding requirements of the DBOM contract(s), but also by Team Monorail's Project Completion Security Structure.